As I zip around the house trying to take on as much as I possibly can to keep the “bed rester” actually off her feet, something hit me, wow I am so lucky.  For a guy that can’t dance and really has no “game” to speak of, I sure did land one gigantic and priceless diamond.  Was it the way I serenaded her from across the room, or the slight glances that ended up being a lock of eyes, or my witty humor, or maybe she just felt sorry for me, whatever it was, I will take it!!

I believe taking a look at yourself and your life from “10,000 ft” is the only was to truly access the life you have made, after all, luck is created and not happened upon.  This should be an exercise undertaken at least twice a year, but I try and do it once a quarter.  This can be quite the supernatural out of body experience that is bound to bring into perspective the little, and large, things that happen around each of us.  The other interesting thing about it is you start to notice things you might have missed otherwise.  Things, that if left unnoticed, might have cause your significant others to feel under appreciated and taken for granted.  If you do nothing else today do this, take a quiet moment to look the people around you in the eye and hold them tight while you tell them all the little things you notice they do. It will be a moment not soon forgotten and not soon overlooked by those people.

Since my super woman has gone on modified “bed rest”, she has taken charge of my short comings and done little things to make our life run smoother.  All those thank you notes we have put on the back burner: done, emails I should have answered 2 weeks ago: done.  She has contacted the exterminator, electrician, painter (gulp), interior designer (double gulp), locksmith, window people, made dinner, the list doesn’t end there, but is too long.  All while on bed rest, or some semblance of bed resting.  What would we do without her, ummm, not exist, at least not very well.

These are some of her art work that she has recently done, amazing……and I had no idea!



IMG_0019 IMG_0023

And these are just a few of the things she has grown, raised, nurtured, and are growing…..

First day of Pre-K, 1st grade, and 2nd grade..
This could be from 1950...
This could be from 1950…
Yes…there are two little boys in there!

What a view from 10,000 ft… everyday as if tomorrow will never come.  #carpediem